Power Loom Industry

There are six powerloom factories in welcome to coochin-operative sector in the District . They are at Kodungallur , Avinisseri , Adat , Machad , Nadathara and Manaloor . In addition to this , there is an Institutional Powerloom complex at Keecheri

Textile Industry

There are six textile mills in the District . They are Alagappa Textiles at AlagappaNagar , Kerala Lakshmi Mills at Pullazhi , Trichur Cotton Mills at Nattika , Rajgopal Textiles at Athani , Sitaram Spinning and Weaving Mills Trichur and Vanaja Textiles at Kuriachira . Trichur and Kunnath Textiles . Trichur are engaged in the manufacture of hosiery products . The Vaiga Threads at Koratty produce cotton sewing threads . The thread produced here is solod throughout the country . Sitaram spinning and weaving Mills the earliast textile mill in the District (1909) caught fire in December 1959. The Mill started functioning later .

Coir Industry

Coir maufacturing is one of the important cottage industries of the District. The kind of yarn produced in the district is known as "Parur Vannan " , The main centres of production of this variety are Chittattukara , Kodungallur and Kottappuram . Superior varieties of the quality of the yarn known as ‘Parur Special ‘ are also produced in these areas . Another variety of yarn manufactured in the district is the rope yarn and the main centres of production are Kandassankadavu and Manalur

Tile Industry

The tile industry is the most important industry in the District employing the largest number of labourers . From a humble beginning early in the century number of labourers . From a humble begininning early in the century the industry has grown conciderably on recent years . At present there are 160 tile factories in the District . Suitable clay required for the manufactures of tiles and bricks is found in Ollur , Pudukkad , Karuvannur and Amballur which are the main centres of this industry

Timber Industry

The timber industry of the District is of conciderable importance . It had its begininng in the first decade of this century when the first saw mill in the state was erected at Trichur (1905) to convert teak and superior Slabs and other sizes . Most of the timber is brought down from the forests to Trichur and Chalakkudy which are the most important timber marts in the District . In Chalakudy Ollur and Trichur there are many saw mills with up-to-date plant and machinery .

Soap Manufactures

Soap manufactures is one of the flourishing industries of the District . It is mainly located in Irinjalakuda and Trichur town .

Canning Industry

This is an industry that has recently sprung up and has immense prospectus for devolopment . The first unit of the Canning industries was started in Trichur in 1947 . The other two units are Darlco Cannings and Kayee Plantations Cannings , both situated at Trichur . A canning industrial unit is being established at Nadathara by the Trichur Fruits and Vegetables Marketing Society and it is going on very successfully.

Dairy Unit

There is a dairy unit at Ramavarmapuram in the public sector


There are five units engaged in the manufactures of chemicals Pharmaceutical products like elixirs , syrups , vitamin tablets , transfusion bottles etc . In addition some of the units manufacture commercial products like ink , paints and varnish .

Oil Mills

Oil mills are found in all parts of the District . Coconut oil is the most important product of these Mills . For a long time , the extratio of oil from copra was a cottage industry . Oil is alos extracted from lemon – grass , gingely , castorseed , groundnut etc .


The printing industry is fairly well developed in the District . Modern methods and techniques in printing are available in the District.

Matching Industry

Soft wood required in the manufacture of match sticks is obtained from the local forests . Veneers and splints are also made in the match factories

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